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Consulting & Design

Industrial networks typically grow piece by piece, over time, as multiple system integrators and control system vendors add to a site in independent projects. Like mechanical, electrical, and automation, industrial networking is a discipline unto itself. We ensure that the design aligns with your objectives and industry best practices.

Configuration, Testing, and Proof-of-Concept

Careful and custom configuration is key if you want optimum performance, reliability, and security. We conduct through Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) to ensure that all components and systems function as intended. This crucial step guarantees that the network meets all specifications and is ready for implementation.


Our network audit is a proactive measure to assess and improve the overall health, security, and performance of an network infrastructure.. Network audits can include physical inventory; installation, lifecycle, firmware, and configuration assessments; network diagnostics/health; and network traffic capture and analysis.

Maintenance & support

Maintenance and support encompass a wide range of activities and systems aimed at ensuring the reliability, efficiency, and longevity of infrastructure, technology, and services. By implementing proactive maintenance strategies and continuous improvement initiatives, organizations can minimize disruptions, optimize performance, and enhance customer satisfaction.

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We have extensive experience in infrastructure projects, particularly in the implementation of networks for Technical Tunnel Installations. This expertise encompasses both existing installations and those in various stages of development, including projects in the realization phase.

Process Industry

With powerful, secure and future-ready process manufacturing networks, you can confidently embrace new digital technologies that improve production operations today while laying the foundation for a more connected future.

Remote control of Bridges and Locks

The remote control of bridges signifies a substantial leap forward in infrastructure management, providing improved efficiency, flexibility, and responsiveness. Nevertheless, alongside these advantages, comes the paramount responsibility of ensuring safety in all operational facets. We recognize the critical nature of this endeavor and are committed to implementing robust solutions that prioritize safety above all else.

Gilliam Rust

Industrial Network Engineer
Company Information


Before starting his own company, Gilliam was an engineer Industrial Networking Solutions at Hirschmann Multimedia for almost seven years. In that role, Gilliam was able to work with a list of clients and vendors on a wide range of projects that gave him unique insight into the industrial/OT market.

Gilliam established Incriticom in Februari 2024 to bring his passion, extensive industrial networking experience, and specialized skillset to the underserved and growing industrial/OT market.

Before joining Hirschmann Multimedia, Gilliam spent 7 years in the Air Force as a communications specialist on various military systems.

Gilliam holds multiple networking and vendor certifications. When he’s not working, he spends every moment he can with his wife and two young kids.

Over 15 years of experience in IT & critical infrastructure.

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